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Effortless Website Monitoring and Uptime Tracking in One Platform

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Uptime Monitoring

Is your website available? Stackinsight can check your website availability every 15 seconds from 10 different locations around the world and will send you an alert if the site is unavailable.

Website Checks

Keep track of the important parts of your website with simple checks that can run every minute. They can check plain words, HTML code, HTTP headers, redirects and much more. Never miss anything.

Error Monitoring

Websites break, it happens all the time. You'll be the first to know. Stackinsight has an extensive database of common errors and will let you know if it finds any errors on monitored URLs

Features Overview

10 sec uptime

Stackinsight check your website every 10 seconds! That's four times more often than competing services.

Visually oriented

No need to read boring reports or write code – just take a look and see things in color.

Double check everything

We won't bother you with false reports and instead double check all possible errors from multiple locations.

Instant notifications

Receive instant notifications when your website is down or performing poorly. We have integration with Slack, PagerDuty, Pushover or Pushbullet.

Flexible website checks

We provide more than just uptime checking! Check whatever you need – plain words, HTML code, xpath, regex – on the request body or header to make sure your website is OK.

Beautiful email reports

Receive performance reports weekly, monthly or daily in your inbox to stay informed, and highlight performance trends.

We recognize errors

Stackinsight has a large database of common errors and will send you notifications when we find one on your website.

SEO checks made easy

Search ranking is important for business! Check important elements on website easily every 5 minutes.