Real User Monitoring

stackInsight service gathers data from your user's browsers, and then aggregates and reports back to you what we've discovered about your website's performance.


Monitor Real User Experience in the Browser

Easy to get started

When you want to start monitoring a new website you only need to install a small JavaScript snippet. From there on we will start collecting performance data.

Works everywhere and anytime

Most browsers (Chrome 6+, Firefox 7+, IE 9+, Android 4+) have full support for collecting performance data, but our solution also works with other browsers (Safari, etc.).

Performance from all angles

Analyze the performance data to see how it relates to browser, platform, country, or a specific page on the website, and also the process that takes place during loading.

Dig into the data

Show the performance data as it happens in real-time or during a selected time range. You can also choose to display the average or the median of the data, where the median is often the preferred choice.