Billing Insight

Control your Cloud Spend with StackInsight. Detailed resource level insight for your AWS infrastructure usage. Get billing insight on various parameters including Account Name / Linked Accounts, Tag Names, the Resources being billed, the Billing period and the start and end date/time for resources.

  • Monitor your month-to-date charges
  • Define Threshold amounts to keep a check on your expenditure.
  • Get Alerts when defined threshold values exceed

Billing Alarms

Billing alarms are designed to help combat billing overflows caused by unexpected spikes in the AWS usage bills. A user may exceed his usual budget as an effect of auto-scaling for sudden/ unexpectedly high traffic, large amounts of data transferred, idle but running EC2 instances, unauthorized usage and more. Billing Alarms help the user stay in control of his AWS billing and also informed about any excessive usage.

  • A user defines a threshold value while creating a Billing Alarm.
  • The billing continues as usual, but when 80% of the defined threshold is consumed, the user is notified of the billing status.
  • The user is also notified once the entire defined threshold is completely exhausted.